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ICfin AW 2019-20 Colour Card

The Season ICfin AW 2019-20 colour card”Harmonious Discord” is available. If interested please feel free contact us or place an order here

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Intercolor in the Yle news

Meetings in Milan on the news 26.2.2018. In interviews, for example Intercolor President Niels Holger Wien of Germany and Portugal’s Representative Luis Parada. Link to video

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ICfin SS 2019 Colour Card NOW -30%

There is a lot to choose from in the colour themes of summer season 2019! ICfin SS 2019 colour card is available NOW -30%. If interested contact us or place an order here

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ICfin prepared proposal for the Summer 2019 International Intercolor Color Meeting in May in Bangkok. The next meeting will be in November in Milan. Follow the latest ICfin news on facebook.


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Season Colours AW 2018-19 NOW -50%

The ICfin AW 2018-19 colour card WHAT’S REAL? – ask what is permanent, what changes? If interested colour themes of the season place an order here


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NEW! Spring-Summer 2018 ICfin colour card

The summer 2018 colors outlined in Shanghai in May 2016 on the International Color-meeting, which was part of the China International Fashion & Creative Forum event. Seasonal ICfin colour forecast released in October, and was automatically sent to all the...

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The Autumn-winter 2017-18 colour chart

Autumn-winter 2017-18 colour trends envisioned on the international colour meeting in Budabest, Hungary in November 2015. Season ICfin colour forecast Breaking the Box! released in the begin of April, and was automatically sent to all subscribers.Order here, or by...

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The summer 2017 colour chart and trend seminar

Spring-summer 2017 colour trends were outlined on the international colour meeting in May 2015 in St Gallen, Switzerland. Season ICfin colour forecast is released in October, and will automatically send to all subscribers. To inquire the release date contact us here,...

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