ICfin color chart to help the designer

Do you work in fashion, design, environmental design or trade? Do you need a condensed information package on the latest flows in your work? Do you follow the trend colors of the season? If you answer yes, the ICfin color chart is your tool. Colors communicate culture, the economy and the world. Color skills and tracking trends are an important part of a designer’s job.

What is the ICfin color chart?

ICfin is a color forecast that draws guidelines for the movement of colors, materials, and consumer preferences in the near future. It appears twice a year about 1.5 years before each season. The map has about 30 great ICfin colors and background texts in Finnish and English. Loose samples of all map colors are also included to help with the design work. Twice a year, the subscribers of the map are invited to a color event, where the themes of the season are deepened and current lecturers are heard.

ICfin as a global player

ICfin represents Finland at the international meetings of the Intercolor color organization. The ICfin color forecast summarizes the exchange of ideas and the results of the international network of experts. It also reflects the in-depth monitoring and analysis of trade fairs and events in the sector. The ICfin color forecast is global color speech in Finnish.

Yes please!

I want to see into the future and order an ICfin colourcard.

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