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Spring-Summer 2019


There is a lot to choose from in the colour themes of summer season 2019! The world is approached through silence and meditation but also by actively looking for solutions to problems. One moment you’re inside your head in a virtual reality, the next you’re on the street demonstrating for a good cause.

The countryside is a source for a different life style that utilises all modern knowhow, environmental and otherwise. Handicraft materials, like clay, mud and terracotta emerge. Hues can be calmingly overveiled or loud and freaky, not to forget the ecstasy of a hot city summer and pleasure hunting!


Laziness and idleness are not a sin anymore but something you can aim for. Boredom and positive emptiness are part of everyday mindfulness. Design goes back to its original ugliness and clumsiness. Technology enables a new kind of down-to-earth lifestyle without requiring constant attention from users. The colour range is peaceful and harmonious, timeless tones mixing with soft grey and white. Cork brings cosy materiality to the group.

The complexity of the world and wicked problems need many kinds of cooperation to be solved. In the midst of this chaos, people focus on what could be done to make the world a better place one issue at a time. Experimentalists, multi-tasking, biotechnology, connecting different fields like art and science can open new views on reality. As a whole the colour range is abrupt and opinionated. Material and natural tones are mixed with deep petrol and glowing orange.

Your mind is media! Virtual experiences can be created by augmented reality, artificial nature and optic technology. With the help of new implants you can even ”hear” colours. The colours of the group embody the surreal flickering of mirages. Subconscious blues meet mirror-like reflecting metallics.

The human approach, wellbeing and happiness of people should be on agenda at official level. The goal is to find the core in things, tolerate differences and diversity as well as to help everyone have a good life. The colour range is good-humoured and playful but not naive. The tones are naturally happy and pure.

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