In May, CEW and BEAUTYSTREAMS representing Intercolor in the United States organized the Summer 2021 season International Intercolor Congress in Orlando, Florida, USA. Before the Summer 2021 Color Workshop, the 17 participating countries shared their visions on an interesting Encounters meeting on topic “A Day in 2030”.

How will our values ​​and our way of life change around the world? How do we live, work, eat and sleep in 2030? How do shopping and leisure habits evolve? And, of course, what is the significance of color in this future environment?

An article by the Intercolor President Niels Holger Wien about the Encounters atmosphere at an international meeting can be found on the website of DMI (Deutsches Mode Institut), which represents Germany in Intercolor. More detailed information on the topics of the meeting and Summer 2021 colour trends will be available in the ICfin colour event in September. Stay tuned!

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